This is my first blog post in the internet. It took me around 2 weeks to make it available online, I created this blog to give tutorials, how-to tutorials in programming and computer administration either in Linux and Windows.

I created this blog to follow my passion to help people and programmers online. This blog is for advanced and technical analysis for programming and ethical hacking. I give tutorials on how to install programs and software from the their sources and how to use them. I try to be very consistent, straightforward and easy to follow step by step. Also doesn’t mean that the focus only on programming and hacking. I try to make new topics and what I discovered outside the scope and write them down in the blog.

This is my first new blog, I am not a professional  writer, because I make a lot of typo here, not a native English speaker, never get abroad and never get traveled before. So if anything is wrong ,misleading or typo, you can Contact me.