10 Ways to Boost your Productivity in Windows 10 (2019 Guide)

In this guide, 10 ways to boost your productivity on Windows 10 operating system. Either by taking advantage of Windows ergonomics or by downloading and installing software that can boost your productivity.

#1 Take the Advantage of Multi desktop Feature in Windows 10

Windows 10 Task View Icon

Windows 10 support the multi-desktop environment. Like the macOS operating system. You can easily switch between two desktops with nice transitions.

Switching back and forth animation in Windows 10

Pro Tip: In your keyboard, press CTRL+WINDOWS Key+Left Arrow to switch to the next desktop. You can alternate easily with CTRL+WINDOWS Key+Right to go back the first Desktop.

#2 Use Shortcuts in Windows 10

Notepad editor in Windows 10 using cut-copy-paste shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can increase your productivity dramatically and stop depending on your mouse and trackpad. Cut-copy-paste keyboard shortcuts are very easy to use.

  1. Copy: CTRL+C
  2. Cut:    CTRL+X
  3. Paste: CTRL+V

Combine them with your keyboard arrows to reduce time.

If you type something and then make a mistake, You can easily undo it.

  1. Undo:  CTRL+Z

3# Menu Bar shortcuts in Windows 10

Uisng menu bar in Windows 10

Menu bar shortcut is an effective way to increase your productivity in Windows 10 without the need of using your mouse. In the figure above, I opened the notepad program, then press ALT key, you will see File instead of File in the menu bar, then I pressed F. The file sub menu appeared. Then I pressed “A” because in the sub menu the “A” letter was underlined (Save As…), then the Save As box appeared.

4# Windows 10 Transitions

Window transition in Windows 10

Switching between two windows using the mouse or the trackpad is a bad idea. It will take you more times especially if you deal with two windows at the same time. You can do it easily in Windows 10 with ALT+Tab in your keyboard. Also, you can check other tabs by press ALT+Tab then release the Tab button.


5# Reorder your apps easily in Windows 10

You can reorder your opened windows easily by right click in the Windows 10 Taskbar and chose either “Cascade Windows” or “Show Windows Side by Side” easily.


6# Software: Everything

You can install the software from voidtools website. The software collects all your files from disk in few seconds and can watch all files and directory changes. It is very light and very productive if you went to find a file as fast as possible. It also provides Windows Explorer menu.

7# Software: Notepad++

Notepad++ is a very popular and alternative to the tradition Windows notepad. It is opensource and has a very active community. It supports plugins, themes, open unknown files, and many more features. You can download the software from https://notepad-plus-plus.org/.

8# Software: 7zip

7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio. This software is opensource and has a nice GUI. You can download the software from https://www.7-zip.org/. Also, the software can open a variety of files including ZIP and RAR files.

9# Software: ShareX

ShareX capture image from your desktop, upload your files into the cloud or local server and generate for you the sharing link. The software can reduce your time and effort in uploading files. The software is opensource and you can download the software from https://getsharex.com/.

10# Service: Ninite

Last but not least is Ninite. Ninite features install or update multiple software in one time. You can pick your favorite software from https://ninite.com/ and download the installer. It is very useful and blazing fast and it is recommended by trusted by millions of peoples globally.